Payday Loans – It doesn’t get more competitive than this.

There is money to be made in Payday loans that's for sure. Big money, fast money. And where there is money to be made, you can be assured there is a huge SEO market, and many players vying for top billing for the big money searches. Plenty of SEO companies doing things by Google's rules, but plenty who don't give a damn and are out for the top spot as quickly as they can, by any shonky means.

Using these shonky means, they may not stay at the top very long but they usually have many multiple sites and just roll out the next one when one gets banned. Definitely a juicy niche for the SEOGuys to get involved in, and a good opportunity to show that good old, Google approved SEO is still the best way to go.

So as of November 2011, we are working on getting a new client’s website to the top 10 on for Payday Loans. For once, we are doing everything as the client has had some issues with his developer. We are designing, programming and doing all online marketing. So far, I think the site is looking pretty damn fine considering design and programming is not our day job.

1.     First of all, we are using a WordPress setup that is fine tuned for SEO.

2.     Then, we are writing all content so it is user friendly as well as not offensive to search engines. We don't write specifically for search engines, that rarely works out well, Google hates it.

3.     We've tagged all possible issues that Panda might have with the new site. Duplicate content, short thing pages etc, and made sure our content is professionally written and sufficiently lengthy.

4.     Next, we are going to gather relevant links from a variety of sources. Paid business directories, financial websites, some article sites and some link bait.(More on the link bait later)

5.     We've got a year or so to hit targets, or we need to refund everything. The development cost, the SEO funding, the lot so we are well motivated.

Of course, there is a ton more stuff we are doing which we can't talk about that are also part of the SEO plan.

So as of today, 8 November 2011, the SEOGuys are on the PayDay Loans job.

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