Migration agent Brisbane – local and national rankings required

Over the last few years we've received a lot of enquiries from business owners wanting SEO done to their migration services website. Somewhat surprisingly up until recently these enquiries have only resulted in one small consulting job. The problem with migration agent websites is that in Australia, indeed throughout the world, there is tremendous competition the rankings.

There are a great many organised and well funded international migration services businesses to operate multiple websites covering all of the main countries that people commonly seek to migrate from or to. 

A small-time migration business whilst desiring to compete with these much larger, much more well funded businesses is always going to find it tough.  So realistically whilst I write this I do know the answer why we haven't until recently taken on an Australia wide client in the migration services industry – the cost to get rankings to turn such as migration agent have proved simply too high.

All that has changed as a 10 February 2012 and we are pleased to have been recently retained to obtain rankings for a new client to both migration agent Brisbane and migration agent on Google.com.au.

We have a whole host of challenges to overcome namely

  1. Whilst the website itself is a great looking site in very functional – underneath the hoard it got a lot of search engine marketing issues that we need to fix. We will be providing the programming team with a brief, the client preferring to use their own programmers.
  2.  Much of the content on the site is required by law to be extremely accurate as is referring to government legislation and policy. This is the easiest way to ensure this content is accurate is simpler to reproduce verbatim the government legislation and policy as it pertains to these matters. The problem with this of course is the Google hates this.  Why would Google seek to have such reproduce content rank highly in its indexed when instead it could simply publish in its index the primary source which appears on the relevant government websites.

    Our challenge is to take this content and improve it. We need to make it more interesting, more readable, whilst retaining the integrity of the content and ensuring in improving it we don't change any of the legal meaning of it

  3. The site is a new site in the competition is well funded and have well advanced search engine marketing programs already in place. It's like we are a scratch starter in the Stawell gift and starting 12 m ahead of us is Usain Bolt.

So many challenges ahead for us but none that we don't believe we can conquer.

So as of today 10 February 2012 we are on the job to obtain top rankings for our client client for the terms migration agent and migration agent Brisbane

July 12 2012 – Update.

These targets now achieved, regardless we had a lot of technical challenges to overcome and I didn't think rankings would be achieved quite so quickly. Client were wonderful, very open to modifying the site several times, as Google changed its algorithm over the year.

Not only does the site rank well in Australia, it ranks well in the US and the UK.  Sorry other Migration Agents, we cant take on more clients in this field, its a one client situation.

We are now setting new keyword targets, which we expect will further increase traffic.

A very good result, in a competitive niche, achieved quickly. 

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