Melbourne Locksmith – No short Cuts – Just good honest SEO

Another tricky one for us. Client had already had some SEO done, but it had not been very effective. Two sites being operated, one was one Page5 for their main term, the other nowhere to be seen. They also had a Google Places listing that was one page 2. Our target was top 5 for “Locksmith Melbourne” and to get their Google Places Locksmith Melbourne” listing onto page 1 as well.

At the SEOGuys we only do Google approved SEO. We can't see the point in doing any other kind. If a competitor catches you doing something wrong, or Google comes past to see if you are doing the right thing…. It’s so easy to spot things like

  • Computer generated content.
  • Syndicated articles generated solely for SEO purposes, articles that have been mangled and no longer make sense.
  • Incorrect Google Places address details.
  • Multiple sites owned by the one company, where many of the sites exist only to generate links to the main site.
  • Paid Links

Your business may well be humming along and all of a sudden – no Google traffic. You'll be laying of staff and wondering what to do next.

I don't wish to go into intimate detail of the shortcuts that were being taken in this case by our predecessors but the bottom line was they were:-

  • Highly risky and in breach of Google's TOS.
  • Not working anyway. No Page 1 for our client.
  • Supposed to be cheap, but because involved monthly payments that were getting them nowhere, they had turned out VERY expensive.

Initially this made our job harder, as we had to appeal to Google to forgive and forget before we could make progress. Google was very tough at first and for 3 months we made little progress. Then overnight at 90 days, Google removed all penalties and our good honest Google approved SEO took this locksmith client to page 1, at No.9. Then to 6, then 4. The position 3…. and now…the number 1 spot.

Additionally, we have achieved top 10 rankings for a host of Locksmith + Melbourne Suburb related searches as well and these are bringing in as much traffic as the main phrase, Locksmith Melbourne.

So all in all, a very satisfying job for us. We did what our predecessors said could not be done… and at a fraction of the cost they were charging in any case.

Update September 2011: We've recently fielded two requests from other Melbourne Locksmiths to help with their SEO.  Please understand, we can only take on one business in an area, its not possible to represent competing clients fairly.  Sydney based?  Sure.   But we are not avilable to wokr in Melbourne.

Update February 2012: We've taken on a 2nd website with TopLock, they opened a center of Melbourne Office to offer their speedy services to people locked out right in the city.

Update May 2012: We've now got both websites in the top 10 for Locksmith Melbourne and Melbourne Locksmith as well as a host of other terms.  A competing website that was using dodgy techniques like spun articles with links?  Gone.  Wiped out by Google Penguin.

Trust me people – buying links just doesn't work.

This website is here Melbourne Locksmiths with their Melbourne Locksmith Emergency Services Google Maps listing here.


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