Cleaning up in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

Another Brisbane job for us and again the situation where rankings are incredibly important to business that operates across the entire metropolitan Brisbane area and is seeking rankings not just the Brisbane city region of for all of the surrounding suburbs.

This is going to be quite a challenge because Google is not stupid. Google understands that people searching the regional search results want to see regional information. It is impossible to do SEO on a site without this content. So in this case the creation of regional content can be very important.

The challenge is of course is that we are not talking about a merchant banking website we are talking about a general cleaning, window cleaning, pest control business without the budget to create a page of content about their services in every area that they cover. Thus this will be a softly softly project where we first target the most important, lucrative regions of Brisbane the SEO and gradually expand the project as budget allows.

The first target is to achieve a top-10 ranking on Google for window cleaning Brisbane and carpet cleaning Brisbane.  We will then be expanding out to other subcategories of cleaning and other regions of Brisbane.

Right now the site has no rankings to anything Brisbane or cleaning related so we are starting from scratch.

As of February 2012 we are on the case.

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