Architect requiring Byron Bay Rankings

Byron Bay is an enigma when it comes to real estate in Australia. It has rental and property prices that rival the major cities, yet it’s a small town. Anyone with building experience in Byron bay knows the challenges to be faced. Acid soils, extremely high rainfall, often very odd shaped blocks, especially in the most eastern areas of Byron Bay such as lighthouse Road to Wategos Beach.

In the past, many developments in this area have been built with seemingly little contemplation of the design such blocks require.  Sure, big money has been spent on luxury properties and some of these houses are very grand, but to create a structure that provides the best amenity in such areas requires the keen eye of an experienced architect.

Our latest client is Byron Bay Architect Sam Zaher, and we are working on his site to obtain the No.1 ranking for his site for all permutations of the phrase “ Byron Bay Architect” Quite a few challenges to be overcome.

  1. Site technology not great, and difficult to update – complete system rebuild required.
  2. Navigation and thin content problems.
  3. Site not well suited to larger screens and  needs a wider design.
  4. Location is a problem, as businesses more centrally located favored in Google.
  5. Content a problem. With all designer sites, its critical to ensure the appearance of the site is a metaphor for the designer themselves. Sam expresses himself in his designs not his words, thus a wordy site would not be ideal. That said…. Google like to read and more content is required. We need to solve both the issue of not enough content and displaying more content discretely in order to succeed.
  6. Site is not particularly well known or popular and needs links.

All of these challenges well within our skill set, and we expect to achieve results within 3 months.
So as of today, 5 March 2012 we are on the case.

Update 27 March. We have already seen rankings jump – when we install the new content management system we expect to see another jump.

Update  1 July 2012.  No1 position for all possible architect terms now achieved

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