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At, that's what we do. We take your site that is struggling to get on page one of Google and make it get  there. All our energies are focused on achieving this goal for you.

Natural, organic, top 10 rankings on Google. A single fee, and we will make changes to your website that we guarantee will take you to page one of Google for the word(s) or phrase(s), your clients are most likely to use when they are trying to find you online.

First page rankings on Google that will last, and last and last, bringing you more business week after week.

So..why is YOUR site not on Page One of Google?

Stop Press – SEOGuys GUARANTEE to save your site from Google Panda!

Been hit by Google Panda? Still not recovered? We guarantee we can fix the problem, and fast. We've now saved 7 large database driven sites and a great many smaller sites from Google Panda. We are confidant we understand the cause of the penalty and how to get it removed – usually within 2-3 months.. We are so confidant we are happy to offer our services with a 100% money back guarantee if we can't in fact do as we say within 6 months.

Your Website hit by Panda? SEOGuys GUARANTEE to fix it.

Thinking of Buying Links from India?

Don't do it!  the axe has finally fallen.  Google Penguin has destroyed this as an SEO this technique and we could not be happier.SEOGuys client rankigns are all up and we have seen many competing sites wiped out.  See this article for more details. Google Penguin hits Indian Link Builders – SEOGuys clients rankings soar

Page One on Google – is it really important?

A website on page 1 of Google will get around 20 times more traffic than a website on page 2 of Google, and 50 times more traffic than a site on page 3 of Google. If you are on page 4… you may as well be on page 100. Most searchers just don't bother to go past the first page, in fact many don't bother to go past the first 5 results! So if you are excited about your website reaching page 2, or page 3 on Google…. don't be. It may as well be on page 100,000.

Our Guarantee to you:

We guarantee to achieve a top 10 ranking on Google for your website for the phrase your future clients are most likely to use when they are looking for your type of business on Google.

No tricks. No paid placements using Google Adwords.(Though we do Adwords as well if you are looking for a faster result than SEO)

Just good clean internet marketing and search engine optimisation done in a Google approved way. You pay a 50% deposit which allows us to start work, and the rest only if and when we achieved the targeted results for you.  If we don't achieve what we say?  You don't pay the balance AND you get the deposit back to!

(our success rate so far? 100% …)

So if your website is languishing on page 100 of Google, or as high as Page 2, you need to be getting in contact with the SEO Guys because unless your site is on page one your website is costing you money instead of making you money.

Page one on Google

The SEO Guys

Checkout these current projects we are working on!

Sonia Devine Hypnotherapy Melbourne

A hypnotherapy client where we got a Google Adwords penalty removed a Google Places penalty removed, now working on good honest SEO.

Another Locksmith Client

When you have one top ranked client in a niche... its very common for the phone to ring hot from clients with similar businesses in another region.  We already have a client top ranked for Locksmith Melbourne, now we are going after Similar results for Target Locksmiths in Blacktown, Sydney

Why SEO One site, when you can SEO Two?

Having one site in the top10 for ayour main terms is great... what if you could have two?  Eg Christmas Decorations Melbourne vs Christmas Trees Melbourne

Top Shelf Wedding Videos

Full Service solution, Design, content management system, all content writing and SEO
Splitting a wedding video site off from a Photography site

Large Diamonds LA

The SEOGuys doesn't just take on clients in Australia, and we don't just do SEO. This is a new job, where we are managing everything. Content, design and SEO.
Web Design, programming and SEO for Diamond Buying Site

Nova Photography

Melbourne Wedding Photographer Nova Photography moving from a totally Flash site to a system built by the SEOGuys.
Wedding Photography SEO - Flash is for Cameras not Websites

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